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Tasia & Gracia

Tasia & Gracia's Pop- Up Restaurant



We are excited to announced that we will be having our first POP-UP Restaurant collaboration with MIDDLETOWN on the 22nd December 2016! 

Embracing the traditional rijsttafel dining experience, we have chosen nine exotic dishes that will present the bold flavours of Indonesian cuisine.


22nd December, 2016


Middletown - 229 High Street, Prahran 3181


7pm (for dinner service commencing at 7.30pm)


Please purchase tickets by clicking "store" on our website 


In order for you and your party to be seated together, Kindly purchase the tickets in one transaction. Thank you for your understanding. For more enquire please email us at tasiagracia.seger@gmail.com

Dietary Requirement:

We understand if there are any dietary requirements and we are happy to cater accordingly.  Please inform us during purchasing or prior to the dinner event (latest by the 19th of December 2016) by emailing us at tasiagracia.seger@gmail.com